離任研究会「中国の食糧経済:フードレジームの視点から」(張 馨元 助教)のご案内

【日 時】2016年3月24日(木)14:00-15:30

【会 場】東京大学 東洋文化研究所 3階 大会議室

【題 目】中国の食糧経済:フードレジームの視点から

【発表者】張 馨元(東洋文化研究所・助教)

【司 会】菅 豊 (東洋文化研究所・教授)


【概 要】
 China’s grain situation after the 1950s can be summarized into three periods. (1) The grain shortage period from the 1950s to the early-1980s. All grains were considered to be staple foods, and grain prices were kept low to support the industrial sector. (2) The grain stagnation period from the mid-1980s to the early 2000s. Grain production reached higher levels; however, long-term production was not certain, and the price was unstable while changes in people’s food consumption pattern emerged. (3) The grain boom period from 2004 to 2014. Grain production and price increased while more grains were consumed as animal feed than as staple food for people.
 This presentation reveals the role of grain sector in China’s economic development and in the global food regime by examining how state-owned companies purchased, transferred and traded grains in the above periods.


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