Kazuo Morimoto and Sajjad Rizvi (eds.) Knowledge and Power in Muslim Societies: Approaches in Intellectual History, Gerlach Press


A short description

This volume, co-edited by Sajjad Rizvi and myself, is the fruit of the two workshops on Islamicate intellectual history in which scholars from various institutions in Japan and Exeter University explored various aspects of interactions between knowledge and power in Muslim societies through centuries. Chapters of the volume, presented in three parts entitled “Philosophy,” “Scholarly Production,” and “The Making of the Modern,” invariably display “careful study of texts, not in a reductively philological manner derided quite often these days but in the way in which we recognise that texts are forms of speech acts and lie alongside other forms of self-expression that can elucidate and illuminate” (“Introduction,” 3). In addition to putting “Approaches in Intellectual History” (the volume’s subtitle) on display, this volume (hopefully!) demonstrates the potentials of further cooperation between scholars of Islam in Japan and their counterparts at Exeter University in particular and the UK in general.








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