Research and Information Center for Asian Studies (RICAS), attached to the Institute, continues to support construction of databases. The plan is to build an Institute of Oriental Culture Digital Archive that will include all computerized databases existing at the Institute that are concerned with both documentary and artifact source materials (including those of the Center).


This database is the digital version of the catalogue of the 70,000 Chinese titles held by the Institute. The compilation work has been completed on the classics and history sections, and has been made available on the Centers website. Books can be located through author name, compilers name or publishing details. Book covers and other pictorial material can also be seen. Work continues to put the remainder of the collection onto the data base.

The Institute has 552 Korean genealogies in around 3,000 volumes.

Introducing studies of ancient China made in Edo Japan, and the culture of the Edo period and its contemporary Ming and Qing dynasties in China.


The Center holds around 20,000 photographs of Islamic monuments taken by the University of Tokyo team that surveyed historical monuments in India in the early 1960s. It is planned to digitalize about 3000 of them and gradually make them available together with information about the buildings.

ASIA (from Pan-Asian Studies Department)

This is a data base covering postwar Japanese politics and international relations. It will provide the means to study important documents, speeches, events and abbreviations.

This a project which surveys according to determines points the daily lives of ordinary people in Asia. Public opinion polls are conducted annually in various regions of Asia, and, together with accumulated empirical data, are analyzed and discussed with researcher both in Japan and abroad.