Research Faculty

Department of Pan Asian Studies⸺ Development of Society and Culture in Asian Regions ⸺

SUGA YutakaProfessorNature and Culture of East Asia
MATSUDA YasuhiroProfessorPolitics and Foreign Relations in China and Taiwan, Cross-Strait Relations
SAHASHI RyoAssociate ProfessorInternational Relations and Power Politics in East Asia
NAWA KatsuoProfessorAnthropology of Nepal and South Asia
KURAMOTO RyosukeAssociate ProfessorAnthropology of Buddhism

Department of East Asian Studies (i)⸺ State Power and Socioeconomic Structure in East Asia ⸺

MANABE YukoProfessorTraditional Cultures and Nationalism in Korean Ethnic Societies
KOTERA AtsushiProfessorHistory of the Family in Ancient China

Department of East Asian Studies (ii)⸺ The Formation and Development of Multi-Faceted Cultures in East Asia ⸺

NAKAJIMA TakahiroProfessorWorld Philosophy in East Asia
TANAKA YukiAssociate ProfessorPhilosophy of Chinese Science and Music
UEHARA KyuichiAssociate ProfessorPublication Culture and Popular Literature in Ming and Qing China
ITAKURA MasaakiProfessorSong and Yuan Literati Painting
TSUKAMOTO MaromitsuProfessorThe History and Culture of Chinese Paintings

Department of South Asian Studies⸺ The Intricacy of Culture and Civilization in the Bay of Bengal Region ⸺

AOYAMA WakaProfessorEconomy and Ethics in Southeast Asia
FURUI RyosukeProfessorAncient and Early Medieval History of South Asia
OGAWA MichihiroAssociate ProfessorSocio-Economic History of South Asia
BABA NorihisaProfessorHistory and Thought of Theravada Buddhism

Department of West Asian Studies⸺ The Historical Formation and Present Situation of West Asian Cultures ⸺

AKIBA JunProfessorHistory of the Ottoman Empire
WATANABE ShokoAssociate ProfessorModern and Contemporary History of the Maghrib
MASUYA TomokoProfessorFine Arts and Society in West Asia
MORIMOTO KazuoProfessorSocio-Religious History of Muslim Societies

Department of Pioneering Asian Studies⸺ Exploring the Frontier of Asian Studies ⸺

SATO JinProfessorResources and Human Interdependence in Southeast Asia
SONODA ShigetoProfessorComparative Sociology of “Changing Asia”
KAWAHARA NorieProject Associate ProfessorCross-boundary Cancer Studies on Universal Health Coverage in Asia
Khohchahar E. ChuluuAssociate ProfessorComparative Asian Law and History
Pattajit TANGSINMUNKONGLecturerHistorical Narratives and International Perceptions in Southeast Asia
Jiyoon KIMAssistant ProfessorSocio-cultural histories of global mobility in Korea

Office of International Academic Affairs

Christopher Byron-GerteisProject Associate ProfessorModern and Contemporary Japan
YANAGI MikiyasuAssociate ProfessorHistory and Philosophy of Chinese Buddhism
UEDA HarukaAssistant ProfessorFood Cultures and Food Systems in East Asia
SAKIHAMA SanaProject Assistant ProfessorModern intellectual history of Okinawa and postcolonial theory of peripheries in East Asia

University Research Administrator

KIKUCHI YurikoAssistant ProfessorMaritime Trade History in Asia; Ceramics and Coins