Visiting, Project and Postdoctoral researchers

Project Researcher

NameExpertiseService Period
HASEBE KiyohikoHistory of the Ottoman Empire, Global history of education2020/08/01 – 2024/03/31
SAJI NatsukoManagement of Catholic communities under the Ottoman Bosnia in the 18-19th centuries 2021/05/01 – 2024/03/31
HUANG Wei-HsiuForeign Policy and National Security Planning in the PRC and Taiwan2022/04/01 – 2024/03/31
WANG MuyunInternational Development Studies in China, Development Knowledge in Asia2022/05/01 – 2024/03/31
MATSUYAMA KeiCultural Anthropological Research on Morality of Sumo Wrestling and Physical Practice of Sumo Wrestlers2022/10/01 – 2024/03/31
ITO YusukeConceptual History of the "Awakening" (Bodhi) in Indian Buddhism2024/01/01 – 2024/03/31
HUANG XiaolongMedieval Japanese History, East Asian Socio-Religious History2023/10/01 – 2024/03/31
NISHIYAMA NaokiImamology of Twelver Shi'ism2023/10/01 – 2024/03/31

JSPS Postdoctoral Researcher

NameExpertiseService Period
TADA Makiko中国古代における集落・郷里社会と家族2021/04/01 – 2024/03/31
KINOSHITA Shingo民間諸主体による紛争解決の展開―清~中華民国期を中心に―2022/04/01 – 2025/03/31
Ryu Reihou東アジアの服飾文化における伝統と変容2022/04/01 – 2025/03/31
Kawamoto Kanae瞑想実践による仏教復興運動:ミャンマーのパオ仏教瞑想法を事例として2022/04/01 – 2025/03/31
NAGASHIMA IkuMilitary history of Ottoman Empire2023/04/01 – 2026/03/31
Suzuki Shingo2023/04/01 – 2026/03/31

Visiting Fellow

NameExpertiseService Period
ZENG LEIStudy on the process of China's discourse power in international rule of law and its influence on neighboring countries2023/06/15 – 2024/03/31
YE JINGCase studies on creation and communication of traditional cultural resource 2023/10/01 – 2024/09/30
Knappe Bradford Reedadaptation, energy transition and ecological change in Japan's wartime resource crisis2022/06/25 – 2024/02/29
WANG MAO日本における損害賠償制度の誕生経緯、運用状況および中国に及ぼす影響2022/06/19 – 2024/03/31
SU Jincheng日中水陸画研究2022/10/08 – 2024/10/07
Yang Yudie日本泰山府君信仰に関する研究2023/03/27 – 2024/03/27
Chen HangxunFolklore, Art and Local political life2023/03/27 – 2024/03/27
ZHAN RUSarvāstivādin and the Systematic Formation of Chinese Buddhism2022/09/01 – 2024/09/01
Albery, Henry A Study of Avadana Literature in Indian Buddhism 2023/11/30 – 2025/11/29
Seo YeongikKano Sanraku (1559-1635) and New Iconography for Early Modern Kyoto2022/10/29 – 2024/09/03
Zhao YuanhaoA Public History Practice with the Chinese Ethnic Group "Hui" in Japan2023/04/01 – 2025/03/31
Jewellord T. Nem Singh1)東アジアのレアメタルをめぐる政治分析2)F.マルコス時代の大統領スピーチの言説分析2023/11/01 – 2024/04/09
Wang ZixiaoMedical Administration and Government Expansion in Tang-Song Period——Centered On Comparing Legal Regulations in Tang, Song and Japan2023/03/01 – 2024/02/29
Hynes Mairead CecilleModern Japanese women’s history, discourses of women’s war responsibility, women’s movement history 2023/03/30 – 2024/03/29
Yi YunsuTalking with things: contemporary art in Japan and Korea in 1980s2023/03/13 – 2024/03/12
HARRIS James DanielPrivate Property Rights and Financial Development: Lessons from Japanese and Western Firms in Shanghai`s Early Equity Market2023/04/01 – 2024/09/30
HUANG HAIResearch on the formation process of Penal system in Qin and Han Dynasties2023/08/20 – 2024/03/31
Hang KimToward Critique of Political Hygiene in Contemporary East Asia2023/03/01 – 2024/02/29
ZOU YASHAStudy on the Land System of Guan ye in the Ming and Qing Dynasties2023/08/01 – 2024/03/25
Xu JielunInteraction between Chinese and Persian Paintings in the 13th and 14th Centuries2023/06/16 – 2024/06/15
WU YARUCriticism as Critique: A Study of Kojin Karatani’s Criticism Theory2023/09/01 – 2024/09/01
JI YUANZHENthe Study of Official Parent-mourning System in Qing Dynasty2023/09/01 – 2024/03/31
Shi QiThe Exchange of Painting and Calligraphy between China and Japan in the 17th Century2023/11/15 – 2024/04/15
Veysel ÇOLAKER Ottoman legal reforms in the provinces2023/06/16 – 2024/06/15
Kim Kyung YeobSino-Korean Revolution: Korean Migrants, Soldiers, and Revolutionaries in Wartime East Asia, 1932-502023/09/01 – 2024/03/31
Rachelle Saruya Wishing-for-Children Rituals in the Buddhist Scriptures and in Contemporary Myanmar Buddhist Women’s Practices2023/09/01 – 2024/05/31
HAN CHONG MITransformation of Mountain Beliefs-Focusing on the Literary Arts in Ancient and Medieval Japan-2023/07/21 – 2024/07/20
BOURGON JeromeA new understanding and translation of Ming-Qing legislation2023/10/01 – 2024/03/31
Sun Aiqi明末清初の福建絵画とその日本渡来―グローバル海域の視点から―2023/09/10 – 2024/09/09
YANG ZONGJIEA Comparative Study of Contemporary New Confucianism and Kyoto School Philosophy2024/01/20 – 2025/01/20
Yazaki SaekoShinto meets Judaism and Islam: Knowledge formation in imperial Japanese schools2024/02/15 – 2024/04/30
Anthony GormanA History of the Middle Eastern Prison 1800-19502024/02/15 – 2024/04/30

Private Researchers

NameExpertiseService Period
Matsuura satoko明代の絵図入り通俗文学と視覚文化2023/04/01 – 2024/03/31
Konagaya Hideyo「アート」の理論と政策の相互的展開の考察—研究と実践の相互的協働へのアプローチ2023/10/01 – 2025/09/30