Knowledge and Power in Muslim Societies: Approaches in Intellectual History

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This volume, co-edited by Sajjad Rizvi and myself, is the fruit of the two workshops on Islamicate intellectual history in which scholars from various institutions in Japan and Exeter University explored various aspects of interactions between knowledge and power in Muslim societies through centuries. Chapters of the volume, presented in three parts entitled “Philosophy,” “Scholarly Production,” and “The Making of the Modern,” invariably display “careful study of texts, not in a reductively philological manner derided quite often these days but in the way in which we recognise that texts are forms of speech acts and lie alongside other forms of self-expression that can elucidate and illuminate” (“Introduction,” 3). In addition to putting “Approaches in Intellectual History” (the volume’s subtitle) on display, this volume (hopefully!) demonstrates the potentials of further cooperation between scholars of Islam in Japan and their counterparts at Exeter University in particular and the UK in general.


Foreword Ian Richard Netton
Introduction: Diversifying the Intellectual History of Islam and Muslim Cultures Sajjad Rizvi and Kazuo Morimoto
1 Three Portraits of a Philosopher in Islamic Cultures Sajjad Rizvi
2 Philosophy for Politics: Ancient Greek Philosophy Echoed in Ibn al-Muqaffaʿ’s Writings István T. Kristó-Nagy
3 The Sorcerer Scholar: Sirāj al-Dīn al-Sakkākī between Grammar and Grimoire Emily Selove and Mohammed Sanad
4 Knowledge for All: Zayn al-Dīn al-Kaššī (d. before 1228) on Philosophical Writing Hisashi Obuchi
5 Cancelling the Apocalypse: Refracted Anticipation for the Awaited Mahdī in Sayyid Muḥammad al-Mushaʿshaʿ’s Discourse Tetsuro Sumida
6 Didactic Discourse and Sarcastic Expressions in the Context of Abū Hilāl al-ʿAskarī’s Literary Criticism Mohammed Sanad
7 Writing the Imams’ Virtues under the Interconfessional Policy of al-Nāṣir li-Dīn Allāh: Ibn al-Biṭrīq al-Ḥillī and His Faḍāʾil Works Ryo Mizukami
8 A Jaʿfarid-Zaynabid Genealogy from Thirteenth-Century Egypt: ʿUrbān Uprising, Najafī Connection, and the Representation of the Twelve Imams Kazuo Morimoto
9 ʿIlm al-Siyāq and Bureaucrats in Safavid Ira Nobuaki Kondo
10 Ma Dexin’s Criticism of Saint Veneration: “Chinese”-Flavored Islam Formed by a Denominational Conflict Tatsuya Nakanishi
11 The Politics of the Bayʿa Ceremony in Modern Morocco Nozomi Shiratani
12 The Tawḥīd of the Painting of God the Mother William Gallois
13 Teaching Iranian History: Narrative Style and Messages Keiko Sakurai
14 Inscribing “God’s Words” in Japan: Connecting the Past to the Present through the Translations of the Qurʾan Emi Goto
Postscript Shigeru Kamada
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Kazuo Morimoto and Sajjad Rizvi (eds.)
Knowledge and Power in Muslim Societies: Approaches in Intellectual History (Studies in Islamic Intellectual History)

Gerlach Press, 430 pages, 2023.06, ISBN: 978-3-95994-164-8

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