東京大学英文図書刊行支援事業(UT-IPI) では、11月19日にオンライン・シンポジウム「Publishing in English for International Audiences」を開催いたします。英文の図書刊行を考えている本学の教員と研究者の方は奮ってご参加下さい。海外での書籍出版をお考えの方、将来的に海外での書籍出版を目標とされている方、既に海外出版を見据えた原稿をお持ちの方はもちろん、アイデアはあるが海外での出版に向いているか相談してみたいという研究者の皆さま、この機会にぜひご参加ください。




Introductory Remarks: 14:30 - 14:45
James Babb (UT-IPI editor, Social Sciences)
Takeshi Fujitani (UT-IPI editor, Law)
Christopher Gerteis (UT-IPI editor, Humanities and Area Studies)

Breakout Sessions: 15:00 - 15:45
1) Publishing Opportunities at the University of Tokyo
 Koichiro Kokubun (UT Global Studies Series, Institute of Advanced Studies on Asia, The University of Tokyo)
 Yasuhiro Matsuda (UT Studies on Asia Series, Institute of Advanced Studies on Asia, The University of Tokyo)
2) Publishing Opportunities at Taylor and Francis/Routledge
 Tips for Preparing a Strong Book Proposal for Humanities or Social Science Authors
 Katie Peace (Taylor & Francis, Pacific Asia)
 Simon Bates (Routledge, Singapore)
3) Publishing Opportunities at Springer Nature
 Alex Westcott (Springer Nature, Singapore)
 Satvinder Kaur (Springer Nature, India)

Breakout Sessions: 16:00 - 16:45
1) Some Thoughts on the Future of Publishing
 Andrew Schuller (Oxford University Press, retired)
2) Special Session on STEM
 Tips for Preparing a Strong Book Proposal for STEM Authors
 Andrew Stow (CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, Japan)
 Akiyuki Tokuno (Springer Nature, Japan)
3) Revising Your Manuscript for American and European Publishers
 Michiko Suzuki (Institute for Social Science, The University of Tokyo)
 Kanako Kusanagi (Center for Advanced School Education & Evidenced Based Research, The University of Tokyo)
4) Publishing Opportunities at Cambridge University Press
 Chris Harrison (Cambridge University Press)
5) Publishing Opportunities at Edgar Elgar
 Alex Pettifer (Edgar Elgar)

Closing Remarks: 16:45 - 17:00
James Babb (UT-IPI, Social Sciences)
Takeshi Fujitani (UT-IPI, Law)
Christopher Gerteis (UT-IPI, Humanities and Area Studies)


Dr James BABB 社会科学研究所 (babb[at]
Dr Christopher GERTEIS 東洋文化研究所 (christopher.gerteis[at]


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