東文研セミナー「Vampire Bats and a "Monster Disease"」のご案内

アメリカ言語人類学を代表する研究者の一人Charles L. Briggs教授、及び医師 で共同研究者であるClara Mantini-Briggs博士をお招きして、東文研セミナーを 開催する運びとなりましたので、御案内いたします。

演題 : Vampire Bats and a "Monster Disease": Indigenous Leadership Joins Linguistic and Medicinal Anthropology Diagnosing an Epidemic

講演者: Charles L. Briggs and Clara Mantini-Briggs

司会: 名和克郎

日時: 2012年12月6日(木) 18時10分ー20時10分

会場: 東京大学駒場第一キャンパス 18号館4階コラボレーション・ルーム3
(開催場所は東洋文化研究所ではありません。また、18時半になりますと、主要 玄関が施錠されますのでご注意ください)

使用言語: 英語(通訳なし)

問い合わせ先: 名和克郎 nawa[at]

担当: 名和克郎

本セミナーは現代人類学研究会との共催で行われます。予約等の必要はありません。 要旨及び講演者の経歴は以下の通りです

In July of 2008, University of California, Berkeley anthropologist Charles L. Briggs and Venezuelan public health physician Clara Mantini-Briggs were recruited by indigenous leaders to diagnose and document an epidemic of an unknown, 100% fatal disease in a Venezuelan rainforest. Charting encounters with a frightening disease, racial inequality, the international press, and the hostility of a pro-poor, pro-indigenous revolutionary state, the talk explores how anthropological modes of knowledge production intersected with vernacular healing, indigenous narrative and rhetorical forms, and epidemiology, in producing new ways of understanding the world and providing valuable perspectives on intractable problems.
Charles L. Briggs is the Alan Dundes Distinguished Professor in the Department of Anthropology of the University of California, Berkeley. His publications include Learning How to Ask, Voices of Modernity (with Richard Bauman), Stories in the Time of Cholera (with Clara Mantini-Briggs), and Poéticas de vida en espacios de muerte. He is currently researching cultural models of mobility, circulation, and communication; narrative representations of violence; global health and indigenous knowledge practices; and, in Cuba, Venezuela, and the United States, how media representations shape the politics of health.
Clara Mantini-Briggs, MD MPH was trained as a physician in Venezuela and received public health degrees from the Universidad Central de Venezuela and the Johns Hopkins University. After working with the Ministry of Health with indigenous populations in Amazonas and Delta Amacuro State, she served as National Director of the Dengue Fever Program. She is co-author of Stories in the Time of Cholera, which won the J. I. Staley and Bryce Wood Awards, and numerous articles. She teaches in the Department of Anthropology at the University of California, Berkeley.

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