東文研セミナー「Caste and Islam in South Asia: A Genealogy of Contemporary Debates」が開催されました


 2022年11月5日(土)に、科研費研究プロジェクト「ムハンマド一族をめぐるムスリム諸言説の研究」、東洋文化研究所、慶應義塾大学商学部新井和広研究室の共催で、チューリヒ大学のジュリアン・ルヴェスク(Julien Levesque)博士をお招きし、東文研セミナー「Caste and Islam in South Asia: A Genealogy of Contemporary Debates」を開催しました(参加者は、対面で10名、オンラインで20名程度)。研究発表後の討論も活発に展開し、イスラーム研究者にとっても南アジア研究者にとっても刺激の大きな実りある会となりました。



題目:Caste and Islam in South Asia: A Genealogy of Contemporary Debates

講師:Julien Levesque (Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies, University of Zurich;

日時:2022年11月5日(土) 16:00~17:30

会場:Online via Zoom, with a limited capacity for in-person participation by invitation.

In recent years, scholars of South Asian Islam and Indian Muslims themselves have paid renewed attention to caste. This renewed interest is largely the result of the emergence of a critique internal to Muslim politics, carried by activists from marginalized caste-groups who challenge the leadership of the dominant groups. This presentation aims to throw light on the contemporary debates on Muslim caste in India, by providing a genealogy of the categories in use. In order to show where contemporary debates come from, I will highlight three historical moments in the scholarship on Muslim caste. First, I will first show that colonial scholars and administrators tended to understand the phenomenon of Muslim caste as the product of a history of conquest and miscegenation. This conception presided over the Ashraf-Ajlaf dichotomy that still informs contemporary debates. Second, I will turn to the socio-anthropological debates of the second half of the twentieth century on whether a caste system existed among Muslims. I suggest that the Hindu-centric understanding of caste hindered scholarship on Muslim caste.
Third, I will explore how new legal conceptions of caste among Indian Muslims became a steppingstone for political mobilization since the 1990s. This mobilization, in turn, led to new scholarship that seeks to move beyond the conceptual limitations of previous research on Muslim caste. Finally, I will return to the present-day period and discuss the emancipatory potential of ongoing political strategies to woo Muslims from marginalized caste-groups.

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