2024年度 第2回 定例研究会「The Social Origins of Confucian Thought」
Kai Vogelsang 客員教授 (着任研究会)


会場:東京大学東洋文化研究所大会議室(3F)+ オンライン(ZOOM)

発表者:Kai Vogelsang(東京大学東洋文化研究所・客員教授)

題目:The Social Origins of Confucian Thought




要旨:Confucius is perhaps the most-studied personality in Chinese history. The questions surrounding his times and his teachings are legion. They concern the dating, structure, and authority of the transmitted sources, namely the Lunyu, the transmission and interpretation of his teachings, problems of Confucius’ biography, his role in the editing of canonical texts, and many more. For all its merits, however, the scholarship surrounding Confucius teachings has left the social roots of his thought largely unexplored. Apart from  rare exceptions like Fei Xiaotong (and Marxist scholars), scholars have not seriously applied social theory to the case of Confucius. Rather, they have treated him as a personality sui generis, or even as a sage who imparted timeless teachings.    

The present talk will address this issue by presenting a theory of Chunqiu society and then interpret the Lunyu in the light of this social structure. It argues that many of his concepts and sayings which have, so far, only been superficially understood, can be explained with reference to social structure: they present answers to the social problems of his times.   From this perspective, Confucius’ no longer appears as a singular genius, but as a symbol of his times; his concepts no longer remain obscure but can be explained in well-known sociological or ethnological terms; and his teachings no longer appear as specifically “Chinese” but can be compared to similar social phenomena in many other societies.  




担当:Kai Vogelsang・キム

登録者 :Kai Vogelsang・キム・多田
掲載期間:20240627 - 20240725
当日期間:20240725 - 20240725