教員の著作が刊行されました 菊池百里子 著『A History of Maritime Trade in Northern Vietnam, 12th to 18th Centuries――Archaeological Investigations in Vandon and Phohien』(Springer Singapore)


This book analyzes the role of Đại Việt (Vietnam) in the maritime Asian trading network of the thirteenth through the eighteenth centuries as it systematically integrates the results of archaeological investigations.
 The first half of the book consolidates reports from excavations conducted at Vân Đồn and Phố Hiến,trading ports of Đại Việt, incorporating sophisticated archaeological techniques distinctive of Japan in the presentations of the data. These are accompanied by precise scale drawings, detailed classifications, and quantitative analyses of unearthed artifacts.
 The latter half of the book discusses the materials discovered in archaeological investigations, specifically ceramics and coins, in terms of the relations among sites and networks of production, distribution, and consumption, from a broader Asian geohistorical perspective. To this end, the diplomatic policies and trading activities of each era in Vietnam are discussed, integrating the results of archaeological investigations with studies of historical documents.
 Expanding beyond Vietnam, results of the archaeological investigations in other maritime Asian countries, such as Japan, Indonesia, Laos, and the Philippines, are introduced, to inform a comparative study that combines all such data from both archaeology and history in a single volume as materials for broader discussion. This book is expected to contribute to international academic discourse on the history of maritime Asia and help open a new phase of scholarly endeavor in this field.


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