Symposium: "Sugar, Coffee, Tea and Rice in Economic History of Modern Asia"

An international symposium on “Sugar, Coffee, Tea and Rice in Economic History of Modern Asia” will be held at Sanjo Conference Hall (the 201 and 202 Conference Rooms), The University of Tokyo on March 7-8, 2007.

March 7 (Wed.)
10:00 Opening and Welcome
The First Session (chaired by Akio Takahashi)
10:15 Hiroyoshi Kano (The University of Tokyo), “Rice Production
and Trade in 20th Century Asia: A Statistical Review”
11:00 Toshiyuki Miyata (Tokyo University of Foreign Studies), “
‘Jasmine’ Rice and Thai Rice Export Economy in the 20th Century”
The Second Session (chaired by Yukio Ikemoto)
13:00 Akio Takahashi (The University of Tokyo), “130 years of Burma
(Myanmar)’s Rice Export”
13:45 Asuka Mizuno (Asia University), “The Transition of Burmese
Rice Export in the Postwar Years”
15:00 A.J.H. Latham (University of Wales Swansea), “The
International Rice Trade: Rice Milling and Asian Industrialization”
15:45   Hiroyoshi Kano (The University of Tokyo), “Sugar and Coffee in
20th Century Asia: A Statistical Review
on Production and Trade”
16:30 Sompop Manarungsan (Chulalongkorn University), Comment
17:00 Discussion
17:30 Closing

March 8 (Thur.)
The Third Session (chaired by Toshiyuki Miyata)
10:00 Pujo Semedi (Gadjah Mada University), “Drinking with the
Devil: Plantation Community and World Capitalism in Java, 1870s - 2000s”
10:45 Kazuo Sambongi (Kobe Institute of Tropical Agriculture) and
Yukio Ikemoto (The University of Tokyo), “Development of Indonesian Coffee
since 1696”
11:30 Aloysius Gunadi Brata, “From Dji Sam Soe to Gandum: Pasemah in
the Recent Coffee Crisis”
13:00 Le Dinh Ba (Dalat University), “Development Process of Coffee
Cultivation in the Ethnic Minorities Area of Di Linh District, Lam Dong
Province, Vietnam”
13:30 Thanh Phan (Ho Chi Minh National University), Comment
13:45 H’Wen Nie Kdam (Tay Nguyen University), Comment
14:00 Discussion

The Fourth Session (chaired by Hiroyoshi Kano)
15:00 Takashi Kume (Saitama Institute of Technology), “Sugar industry
and indentured labour in Mauritius and Hawaii”
15:30 Atsushi Osawa (The University of Tokyo), “Traditional sugar
industry in Japan , 1920’s to 1930’s”
16:00 Paul Kratoska (Singapore University Press), “What Is the
Nationality of Rice, Sugar and Coffee?”
16:45 General Discussion
17:15 Closing

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