International Workshop
“Understanding Cultural Diversity in Asia:
Analysis of Second Wave of Asian Student Survey”

 The future of Asia is on younger generations. How do they perceive the past, present, and the future of Asia? How they design their own career and study plan? How these individual desires construct the future of Asia?
 In this workshop, more than 20 students, both undergraduate and postgraduate in Waseda University and University of Tokyo who were involved in Second Wave of Asian Student Survey, will present their research findings in the presence of prominent Asian sociologists who work for the universities from each of which the students collected 200 samples. The survey was possible by receiving financial support by the Research and Information Center for Asian Studies (RICAS), Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia.
 The workshop will provide a platform for the future sociological collaboration between the Leading Graduate School “Integrated Human Sciences Program for Cultural Diversity” (IHS) at the University of Tokyo and other leading universities in Asia.

Organized by IHS, University of Tokyo
Co-organized by RICAS, IASA, University of Tokyo

Date February 27, 2014
Venue Main Conference Room, 3rd Floor, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, University of Tokyo


10:00-10:20Welcoming Remark and Explanation of the Project
SONODA, Shigeto (University of Tokyo)
10:20-11:00“Who decides Your Career?: Asian Students' Prospects for Job and Study”
MORII, Yasuaki (Waseda University), MUGIYAMA, Ryota (University of Tokyo),
NAGASHIMA, Keiichiro (University of Tokyo), SUZUKI, Takashi (University of Tokyo)
11:00-11:40“Is English the Only Way?: Students' Prospect of Language Learning in Asia”
TERADA, Hiroshi (University of Tokyo), BAO, Lige (University of Tokyo), IDE, Yusuke
(University of Tokyo), SONODA, Kaoru (University of Tokyo)
11:40-12:20“Difference in Norm Consciousness of Asian Students: Gender Norm and Seniority Norm”
TAKAHASHI, Kaori (Waseda University), YANAGISAWA, Akari (Waseda University), NAGAHAMA, Kohta (University of Tokyo)
13:30-14:10“Separated Effects of Soft Power in East Asia”
LIN, Yiren (University of Tokyo), MACHIMOTO, Yutatsu (University of Tokyo), INOUE, Aya (Waseda University)
14:10-14:40“China-phobia and Social Relationships: Cross-national Perspectives from Asian Student Survey 2013”
KAWAZOE, Mayu (Waseda University), HAGIWARA, Ayumi (Waseda University),
KIHARA, Tate (University of Tokyo), UENO, Masaya (University of Tokyo)
14:40-15:20"Regional Integration at the Crossroads: How Hong Kong Students perceive the Rise of China"
LAI, Hoi-Ting Natalie (University of Hong Kong)
15:20-16:00“How did the Consciousness about the Economic Integration Change from 2008 to 2013?: Emergence of Environmental Awareness”
ZHANG, Jiyuan (University of Tokyo), TAKAKUSA, Ken (University of Tokyo), AKAGI,
Satoshi (University of Tokyo)
16:00-16:30Coffee Break
16:30-18:00Comments from professors and future collaboration

Prof. YAMADA, Mamoru (Department of Sociology, Waseda University)
Prof. LEE, Hyu-sun (Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, University of Tokyo)
Prof. KIM, Chul-kyoo (Department of Sociology, Korea University)
Prof. ZHANG, Jing (Department of Sociology, Peking University)
Prof. HO, Ming-sho (Department of Sociology, National Taiwan University)
Prof. LUI, Tai-lok (Chair, Department of Sociology, University of Hong Kong)
Prof. YONENO, Reyes Michiko (Asia Centre, University of Philippines, Diliman)

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