Asian Sociology Workshop 2011

“Divergence and Convergence of Asian Sociologies: Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives”

December 16 (Friday), 2011

(Venue: Conference Room 802, Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica)

9:30-10:00  Registration

10:00-10:20  Opening Ceremony

Opening Remark by Prof. H. H. Michael HSIAO (Academia Sinica)

Welcome Remark by Prof. Shigeto SONODA (University of Tokyo)

Introducing Participants


10:20-12:00 Session 1: Challenges in “Asianization” of Sociology
Chair: Tai-lok LUI (University of Hong Kong)

1) H.H. Michael HSIAO (Academia Sinica)
“The Unique History of Taiwanese Sociology and its Implication to the Making of Asian Sociologies”

2) Shigeto SONODA (University of Tokyo)
“Emerging Socio-cultural Approaches to Asian Regional Integration Research”

3) In-Jin YOON (Korea University)
“Convergence and Divergence in Immigration Policy in Northeast Asia”


12:00-13:40 Lunch


13:40-15:40 Session 2: Restructuring and Changing Sociological Inquiries in East Asia
Chair: In-Jin YOON (Korea University)

4) Tai-lok LUI (University of Hong Kong)
“A Small City with a Bigger Story: Hong Kong's Challenges in the Context Global Economic and Political Restructuring”

5) Chunling LI (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)
“Stabilizing Force or Destabilizing Force?: Sociopolitical Attitudes of the China’s Middle Class and Its Implication on Political Transition”

6) Joon HAN(Yonsei University)
”Sociology of Inequality in Korea: Dispersion and Volatility”


15:40-16:00 Lunch


16:00-17:10 Session 3: Roundtable Discussion on Issues in Divergence and Convergence of Asia Sociologies: Reflections from Taiwan
Chair: H.H. Michael HSIAO(Academia Sinica)
 Mau-kuei CHANG (Former President of Taiwanese Sociological Association: Academia Sinica)

8)  Ray-May HSUNG (President of Taiwanese Sociological Association: National Chengchi University)


17:10-17:30 Concluding Session
Chair: Shigeto SONODA (University of Tokyo)


AsiaBarometer Workshop 2011 Program

Risk, Social Trust, and Social Inequality: A Comparative View”

December 17 (Saturday), 2011
(Venue: Conference Room 802, Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica)

9:30-10:00 Registration
10:00-10:10 Welcoming Remark by Prof. Michael H. H. HSIAO
10:10-10:20 Explanation of the AB Workshop by Prof. Shigeto SONODA


10:20-12:00 Session 1 Risk and Family in East Asia
Chairperson Shigeto SONODA (University of Tokyo)
Commentator  In-jin YOON (Korea University)

1) An-Sik CHANG (Korea University)
“Risk in Asia: An Exploratory Analysis”

2) Xiaoguang FAN (Fudan University)
“Informal or Formal: Social Structure and Support Networks in Four Chinese Societies”

3) Kaori SEMURA(University of Tokyo)
“What Makes People Choose ‘Child Labour’ in Indochina Countries?: The Effect of Subjective Indexes”


12:00-13:00 Lunch


3:00-14:40 Session 2 Public Sphere in East Asian Context
Chairperson Chunling LI (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)
Commentator Joon HAN (Yonsei University)

4) Jiyoon KIM (University of Tokyo)
“On the Move: Explorative Research on the Correlation between Travel Experience and Social Activism from Comparative Perspective”

5) Pen-Hsuan LIN (National United University) and Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao (Academia Sinica)
“Religiosity and Religious Public Policy: A Cross-National Comparison”

6) Susan Paige TAYLOR (University of Tokyo)
“The Role of Readers in Society: Book and Internet Users in Japan and Korea”




15:00-17:10 Session 3 Changing State-Society Relations in Comparative Perspective
Chairperson H. H. Michael HSIAO (Academia Sinica)
Commentator Tai-lok LUI (University of Hong Kong)

7) Chang LIU (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)
“Comparing Attitude toward Gender Inequality: Based on Data of Eastern and Western Countries”

8) Eeh-Eun SONG (Korea University)
“The Analysis of Relations between Subjective Happiness and Computer Usage in South Korea”

9) Jingjing YU (Fudan University)
“Protest or Not? : Comparing Protest Participation between China and Western Democratic Countries”

10) Peng LU (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)
“’It's the Economy, Stupid?’: A Comparative Analysis of Confidence in Political Institutions among the BRICs Countries”


7:10-18:00 Session 4  Overall Discussion
Chairperson Shigeto SONODA (University of Tokyo)

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