東文研セミナー “Religio-political crises and cultural creativity during the Later Middle Period of Islamic history” のご案内(Lecture announcement)


講師 Speaker: Judith Pfeiffer (University Lecturer in Arabic, University of Oxford)

講演題目 Title: Religio-political crises and cultural creativity during the Later Middle Period of Islamic history

講演要旨 Abstract: The 14th to 15th century Nile-to-Oxus region was defined by a high degree of political decentralization, cultural and linguistic diversity, social mobility, and confessional ambiguity. Several political and intellectual crises punctuated this period. By focusing on the Mongol Ilkhanate, and drawing in particular on the theoretical works of Rashīd al-Dīn, this paper investigates some of the local debates that were triggered by the shift of religious allegiances among the Mongol elites of the Ilkhanate. These debates, and this particular political environment, reflect long-term transformations in the region, in which the ‘religious’ and ‘intellectual’ are intrinsically intertwined with the ‘political.'

講演日時 Time and Date: 平成24年9月26日(水)午後4時より(午後6時終了予定)/ 16:00-(18:00), 26 September 2012

講演場所 Venue: 東京大学東洋文化研究所 3階大会議室/Conference Room (Daikaigishitsu), Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, University of Tokyo

使用言語 Language: 英語/English(通訳なし[講演は完全に、質疑は基本として])

問い合わせ先・司会 Contact Person: 森本一夫/Kazuo Morimoto(

登録者 :森本・藤岡
掲載期間:20120904 - 20120926
当日期間:20120926 - 20120926