【ご案内】(10/5)東文研セミナー"Coffee Economy in Late Colonial Netherlands East Indies:Estates and Capital, 1890



場所:東京大学東洋文化研究所 3階 第2会議室
テーマ:Coffee Economy in Late Colonial Netherlands East Indies:
Estates and Capital, 1890-1940
報告者: Dias Pradadimara(Universitas Hasanuddin, Makassar,

This presentation is an early attempt to look at the coffee economy
in late colonial Netherlands East Indies, by focusing on the private
estates that produced coffee and on the capital-owning class who
invested in these estates. Since mid-19th century there was an
increasing accessibility for would-be planters to gain access to
land, especially in Java and Sumatra. Attracted to the increasing, if
volatile, world price of the commodity, coffee producing estates were
established in great numbers across the archipelago, despite the
threat of the coffee leaf rust plant-disease. Only the attraction to
rubber planting and the economic crisis in 1930s dampened the
enthusiasm. At the same time, the individual planters and
Indies-based companies who controlled most of the coffee producing
estates in the late 19th century were gradually replaced by
incorporated companies both based in the Indies and in the
Netherlands. The increasing flow of capital following the rubber boom
in early 20th century made the role of individual planters and
Indies-based companies declined further.

主催:東洋文化研究所 先端地域研究プログラム「アジアの脱植民地化と伝統
的産業の再編成」(責任者 池本幸生)および班研究「特産品とその消費の変
容から見た現代アジア経済史」(主任 加納啓良)

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