東文研セミナー「Professor Sebastian Veg (EHESS) On Minjian: the Rise of China’s Grassroots Intellectuals」のお知らせ

 東洋文化研究所は、EHESSとの協定にもとづき、このたびSebastian Veg先生を招聘いたしました。この機会に、先生の近著につ いてご講演をいただきます。内容は次の通りです。


会場:東京大学東洋文化研究所 3階 大会議室

講師:Professor Sebastian Veg (EHESS)

題目:Minjian: the Rise of China’s Grassroots Intellectuals

While China’s intellectuals throughout the twentieth century were defined in terms of their elite position and responsibility for society and the nation, this role was profoundly challenged after the crackdown on the democracy movement of 1989. In its aftermath, new groups of intellectuals emerged from grassroots society, devoted to constituting alternative forms of knowledge outside the academy: amateur historians researching the Mao era, amateur ethnographers using documentary films to investigate social issues, grassroots lawyers working with disenfranchised groups to build rights- awareness, and citizen bloggers and journalists challenging the state control of the public sphere. Although these groups have come under increasing pressure since 2012, their ideas continue to inspire new dynamics in China’s society today.


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掲載期間:20190924 - 20191002
当日期間:20191002 - 20191002