日時: 2014年9月28日(日)15:00〜18:00

会場(変更): 東京大学東洋文化研究所 3階第1会議室

報告者 / 演題:

(1) 15:00〜16:20尾崎順一郎
(2) 16:30〜17:50Benjamin A. Elman
"Philology and Exegesis in East Asia: Yan Ruoju's 閻若璩 (1636-1704)
尚書古文疏證Vs. Zhu Xi's 朱熹 (1130-1200) 中庸章句序"

司会: 竹村英二

使用言語: 英語/日本語

My research colleagues and I have attempted in recent years to present new views of the classical versus vernacular dichotomy that are especially central to the new historiography of India.  Based on recent Indian/South Asian findings, we examined alternative frameworks for understanding East Asian languages between 1000 and 1919.  Using new sources, making new connections, and reexamining old assumptions, we have asked whether and why East Asian languages should be analyzed in light of a Eurocentric dichotomy.  This discussion encouraged us to explore whether European modernity is an appropriate standard at all for East Asia.  Individually and collectively, we have sought to establish linkages between societies without making a priori assumptions about the countries’ internal structures or the genealogy of their connections.

Recent scholarship has presented a strong challenge to earlier models for understanding early modern languages in East Asia.  Following the lead of Sheldon Pollock, who described the spread of Sanskrit in ways often diametrically opposed to the history of Latin, Peter Kornicki, Wang Sixiang, John Phan, Haruo Shirane, Daniel Trambaiolo, Atsuko Ueda, Shang Wei, and myself present essays in this volume that in aggregate challenge accepted distinctions between classical and vernacular languages in East Asia.  I shall attempt to present in this lecture the elements of a new conceptual framework that recognizes that in East Asia the literary and vernacular registers historically interacted and influenced each other as part of a unified, if hybrid, language system that was mastered by Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, and Vietnamese according to their own unique linguistic resources.


主催:科研費基盤研究(C)「考証学・言語の学、そして近代知性 - 近代的学問の「基体」としての漢学の学問方法」(代表:竹村)

共催:東洋文化研究所個別課題「中国古代テクスト研究と西欧のフィロロギー -18世紀日本の文献学的・書誌学的学問方法の比較研究 -」(竹村)



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