来る10月16日、30日の二回にわたり、現在東洋文化研究所に外国人研究員として滞在しているDavid Durand-Guedyさんを講師とする連続セミナーを開催します。一回目はセルジューク朝期のイスファハーンで勢力を誇ったウラマー名家ホジャンディー家についての講義(発表)、二回目はホジャンディー家の歴史を研究する上でキーとなるアラビア語・ペルシア語史料の講読を行います。お説拝聴というだけでなく、一緒に史料までも点検できるなかなか良い機会になるかと思いますので、ぜひふるってご参加下さい。
(これらのセミナーは東文研セミナーの枠内ですでに二度開催した“The Urban/Local Elite in Pre-Modern Middle Eastern Societiesという連続セミナーの一環として開催します。)



An emblematic family of Iranian ‘ulama’ during the Saljuq period: the Khujandis of Ishfahan David Durand-Guedy The Khujandis, a family of Shafi‘I ‘ulama' settled in Isfahan by Nizam al-Mulk, are one of the most preeminent Iranian family during the Saljuq period. Head of the local Nizamiyya madrasa since the end of the fifth/eleventh c., they also exerted hereditary control over the city riyasa. The length of the Khujandi's influence, the extent of their network and the importance of their political action has no equivalent in the Saljuq dominions. Main family of the main city of Western Iran (and soon of all Iran after the fall of Nishapur), the Khujandis appears frequently in the sources on the period. However, and this is fairly typical of the lack of research on the urban communities of Western Iran in the two centuries previous to the Mongol invasion, they have been largely overlooked by the scholarship. The aim of two conferences is less to make a prosopographical presentation of the various members of the family, than to show how its trajectory is emblematic of major change within the Iranian society during the Saljuq period, whether it concerns the cultural identity
of Iran, the relationship between the local Persian elites and the Turkish rulers, the increasing militarization of the society or the intensification of so-called religious struggles. During the first seance (Oct. 16), we will give a synthetic overview of the Khujandi’s historical significance. During the second seance (Oct. 30), we will read and comment texts relevant to the history of the Khujandis. These texts, in Arabic and in Farsi, will be extracted from chronicles, divans of poetry and insha’ compilations.
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