東文研セミナー「What’s in for Taiwan in the Context of the Russia-Ukraine War?」のお知らせ



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テーマ:What’s in for Taiwan in the Context of the Russia-Ukraine War?


司会:松田 康博(東京大学東洋文化研究所・教授)

討論者:遠藤 乾 (東京大学大学院法学政治学研究科・教授)
    松田 康博(東京大学東洋文化研究所・教授)


Please join us for a discussion on the strategic implications of the Russia-Ukraine war for Taiwan, featuring a presentation from Valerie Niquet, head of the Asia program at the Foundation for Strategic Research (FRS) in Paris and senior fellow at the Japanese Institute of International Affairs (JIIA) in Tokyo. Dr. Niquet will provide her analysis of China’s discourse on “reunification” with Taiwan, the evolution of its posture toward Taiwan, and how the Ukraine War will impact the regional order.
The presentation will be followed by a panel discussion with Ken Endo, Professor at the Graduate Schools of Law and Politics, and Yasuhiro Matsuda, Professor at the Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, both from the University of Tokyo. The event is moderated by Dr. Matsuda and will be held in English.

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共催:米日財団研究プロジェクト「A Study on the Impact of Taiwan Strait Issue on the US-Japan Alliance」、日本台湾学会定例研究会


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