講演者:韓 嘨(中国政法大学・法学院・博士課程、東京大学・東洋文化研究所・訪問研究員)




主催:東京大学・東洋文化研究所・班研究「中国法研究における固有法史研究、近代法史研究及び現代法研究の総合の試み」(主任 高見澤磨・東京大学・文化研究所・教授)



Title: Research on Counterbalance of Two Elements: Legislation Model of Land Law in Variation Period of Tang and Song Dynasty

Lecturer: HAN, Xiao, China University of Political Scince and Law, Research Fellow of Institute for Adbanced Studies on Asia

Date: 16/June/2014

Time and Place: 3pm-5pm at the Meeting Room 2, 3rd floor of the Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, the University of Tokyo

Language: Chinese( without interpretation)

There is obvious inheritance between tang and song dynasties on legislation model of land law. Counterbalance of two elements, which is called legislation model, had always been carried out by tang and song’s land legislation. One element was that land legislation safeguards the government tax on land soil. For instance, under the ‘Zu-Yong-Tiao’ system, it made the effort to perfect the field management ,while under the ‘Two taxes’ system, it turned to protect property rights, agricultural production and trade security. The other element was that land legislation also guaranteed people’s life, provided them land rights, and protected interest of their land. Under ideal condition, counterbalance of two elements reflected Chinese traditional philosophy of the balance between “given” and “returned”. The tax would have been the primary value with unbalance of the two elements. The land legislation had run through the great changes of the society, and the form of the legislation had kept the same strain, even though great changes had taken place from Tang to Song.
The continuity was greater than transformation obviously with the development of land legislation from Tang to Song.

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Hosted by Regular Researc Project of An Attempt at the Integration of Studies in the Traditional, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Legal System (Prof. TAKAMIZAWA,Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, the University of Tokyo)

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