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4月25日(火)9:30−18:00 東京大学山上会館001号室にて

Complementarity among monies in history and its theoretical implications

Chaired by Kuroda, Akinobu (U of Tokyo, Japan)


Luca Fanttaci (Bocconi U, Italy)

“The Monetary Regime of the Renaissance: Complementary Currencies for
Domestic and Foreign Exchange”

Yoji, Shiro (Saga U, Japan)

”Rethinking on the Controversy between J. Locke and W. Lowndes: From the
View-point of Pound Sterling as the Imaginary Money”

Anders Ögren (Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden)

“What Endows Paper Money with Value? Parallel Currencies in Sweden, 1789 –


Massimo Amato (Bocconi U, Italy)

"Complementarity: The Economic Question of the Proper Use of Money.
Occidental Answers from Aristotle to Keynes".

Dennis Flynn (U of Pacific, USA)

"Small Change and Big Monies: A Unified Price Theory of Money"

Torbjörn Engdahl (Uppsala U, Sweden) Co-organiser

”Theoretical Implications on Multiple Currencies: Evidence from Colonial
Eastern Africa and Mid-Nineteenth Century Sweden”


Comments and concluding discussion

Kato, Hiroshi (Hitotsubashi U, Japan)

Egyptian History, Money and Muslim Society

Sevket Pamuk (Bogazici U, Turkey)

Ottoman Turkey, Circulation of Foreign Currencies

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