JF-GJSイニシアチブ「Joint Workshop among Freie Universitat Berlin, Beijing Foreign Studies University, and the University of Tokyo」のお知らせ




題目:Session 1. Japan Facing Insecurities: Analyses of Her Reactions in Different Settings
   Session 2. Interpreting Changing Discourse and Culture in Contemporary Japan

Session 1.
WU Zihan (PhD Student, UTokyo), "“Seeing” Distant Disasters: An Analysis of Asahi, Yomiuri, and Nikkei Coverage of the Turkey-Syria Earthquake" WANG Shuai(PhD Student, BFSU), "The Representation of China in the Magazine Tairiku(1938-1941)"
Nakako HATTORI-Ishimaru (PhD Candidate, FUB), "The Concept of “Proactive Peace” Revisited: A Comparative Analysis of Changes in Practices and Discourses since the Legislation for Peace and Security of Japan"
Session 2.
FUJIMOTO Atsujiro (PhD Student, UTokyo), "Flat vs. Fluctuating Sexual Abstinence Discourse in Contemporary World: Comparing r/NoFap with Ona-kin in 2ch(5ch)" ZHENG Wei (PhD Student, BFSU), "A Research on Social Ethos in Popular Music of Postwar Japan (1950-2000)"
Lenard GOEROEGH (PhD Candidate, FUB), "Tokyo’s Shared House Economy – A New Way out of Housing Insecurity?"

討論者:Session 1. LI Xinran (Master Student, BFSU)
    Session 2. PAN Fengfan (Master Student, BFSU)

司会:Verena Blechinger-Talcott (FUB), Shigeto Sonoda (UTokyo and BFSU)


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主催:Freie Universität Berlin (FUB), Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU), the University of Tokyo (UTokyo)

共催:Japan Foundation


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