2023年度 第1回 定例研究会「The Formation of 'Buddhism' in China in the Long Fourth Century: Towards a New Narrative, in a Comparative Perspective」Michael Radich客員教授(着任研究会)

日時: 2023年7月20日(木)14時〜16時


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題目:The Formation of 'Buddhism' in China in the Long Fourth Century: Towards a New Narrative, in a Comparative Perspective

発表者:マイケル ラディッチ(東京大学東洋文化研究所・客員教授)



In China during the decades around the year 400 CE, something new certainly emerged in "Buddhism", as it was forming at the time. Key developments set in train at this time arguably unfolded through a "long fourth century" to the time of the great scholastic Sengyou 僧祐 and his patron Liang Wudi 梁武帝 in the early 500s, and were largely completed by the Sui. This talk will represent my first attempt to think through a new way of framing these developments, with reference to two main perspectives. First, I will suggest that much of the action in this period must be interpreted with reference to the formation of a "scriptural language", the very concept of canonicity, and an attendant textual or even philological culture. Second, I will suggest that these developments cannot be adequately understood through the "frog in a well" perspective of a narrow methodological nationalism, which restricts its purview to so-called "China". Rather, in key respects, the processes at issue must be examined in a comparative and transcultural perspective. In that light, we can see that patterns in China were part of a broader set of profound changes across the whole Buddhist world, which must at least in part be explained by wide-ranging, foundational historical conditions, and not by exclusive reference to local factors. Against this backdrop, I will propose that these developments could even be understood as the part of the belated emergence of "Buddhism" per se, on a definition that (sometimes anachronistically) still informs much scholarly analysis and understanding. It is my hope that the talk will thus underscore the relevance of thoroughgoing comparativism and historicisation in the analysis of the history of "Buddhism".


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