東文研セミナー "Towards an Archaeology of Scholarship in Premodern Islam: Investigating the Working Method of Scholars" のお知らせ



Professor Frederic Bauden (Chair Professor of Arabic Language and Islamic Studies, University of Liege)

Towards an Archaeology of Scholarship in Premodern Islam: Investigating the Working Method of Scholars

2015年5月11日(月) 18:00-19:30/May 11, 2015 (Monday) at 18:00-19:30

東京大学東洋文化研究所3階第一会議室/Room 304, 3rd floor,Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia (Tobunken), the University of Tokyo

The process of writing in all its complexity, i.e. since an author hits upon the idea of writing a book on a given subject, until the moment when the work is published and distributed, is one of the least understood and studied concepts of scholarship, whatever the field considered, and as such certainly constitutes one of the most exciting challenges for the researcher. Though thousands of autograph manuscripts have been preserved in Islam, the issue of the production of texts has drawn little attention from scholars working in the field of Middle Eastern studies. Some of these manuscripts represent essential witnesses of the working method of their authors as they correspond to one of the various stages of their work: preparatory texts, summaries of other sources, common-place books, drafts, fair copies. The scrutiny of these categories of manuscripts allows a reconstruction of the modus operandi of premodern authors. By digging into the layers of the witnesses of an author’s production, like an archaeologist, the searcher is able to better approach the question of the writing process in Islam.

The lecture will be in English. Open to public and no registration required.

問合せ先/Contact person: 森本一夫 / Kazuo Morimoto,

付記:ボダン教授は他に,5月17日(日)に同志社大学で行われる日本中東学会年次大会の企画パネルHistorians in the Pre-Modern Middle East: Their Aims, Techniques and Productsにて,Al-Maqrizi at Work: The Case of His Collection of Opusculesという題で発表なさいます。詳しくは日本中東学会のHPをご覧ください。また,他にも東京でもう一度講演をなさる可能性があります。


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