東文研シンポジウム(Asian Societies and Cultures in the Eyes of Bruneian and Japanese Researchers)のご案内


The Second Joint Seminar of Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, Universiti Brunei Darussalam (FASS UBD) and the Institute of Oriental Culture, University of Tokyo (IOC UT): Asian Societies and Cultures in the Eyes of Bruneian and Japanese Researchers




16 September 2008 (Tue)

Opening address (Prof. Teruo Sekimoto, Director IOC UT)

Session 1: Brunei and Japan in the Contemporary History

Azmi bin Abdullah, FASS UBD
The Influence of Japanese on Brunei’s Society: A Review From the Cultural Aspects
Ismail Nordin, FASS UBD
Japan-Brunei Darussalam: From Imperialization to Mutual Co-operation and Understanding
Tetsuro Masuda, Millenium Energy Consultancy Ltd.
Brunei after 10 Years from Now

Session 2: Society, Language and Culture in the Modern Borneo

Ramli bin Tingkong, FASS UBD
Traditional Malay Wedding in Brunei
Aini Karim and Siti Norkhalbi Wahsalfelah, FASS UBD
Wedding Customs of the Brunei Malays: Continuity and Transformations
Fatimah Chuchu & Mukul Saxena, FASS UBD
Socio-cultural Hierarchy in the Palace Language of Brunei Darussalam
Hiroyuki Yamamoto, Kyoto Univ.
Qalam and the Muslim Brotherhood Movement in 20th Century Borneo
Toru Ueda, Osaka Univ.
Realizing the Vision: An Anthropological Study on the Urban Kampung, Sabah, Malaysia

17 September 2008 (Wed)

Session 3: Ethnic Relationship in Brunei

Motomitsu Uchibori, The Open Univ. of Japan
The Dusun and the Iban in Brunei Darussalam: A Less Told Scene of Ethnic Relationship in the Islamic Monarchy
Yabit bin Alas, FASS UBD
"Mbuntu" Wailing for the Dead in Dusun

11:20-12:20, 13:20-14:50
Session 4: Colonial Heritage in Insular Southeast Asia

Nani Suryani Abu Bakar, FASS UBD
The Impact of British Rule over Brunei’s Society and Culture
Sultan Abd Momin and its Relation with the British
Tetsuo Tojo, Ma. The University of Tokyo
From Kongsi System to Tribute: Chinese Operated Tin Mining in Perak during the Late 19th Century
Hiroyoshi Kano, IOC UT
The Oils Production in Insular Southeast Asia: From a Viewpoint of Comparative Economic History

Closing address (Ampuan Brahim, Dean FASS UBD)
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