東文研セミナー(The Urban/Local Elite in Pre-Modern Middle Eastern Societies)のご案内(11月26日)

東文研セミナーのご案内/Announcement of a Tobunken seminar
本年10月末に来日され、東洋文化研究所に外国人研究員(日本学術振興会外国人特別研究員[欧米短期];一年間)として滞在されているDavid Durand-Guedy博士に、「自己紹介」を兼ねて、研究発表をお願いしました。ご多忙の折とは思いますが、皆さまのご参加をいただければ幸いです。なお、このセミナーは、Durand-Guedy博士と受け入れ研究者の森本一夫とが今後一年間にわたって共催する予定の"The Urban/Local Elite in Pre-Modern Middle Eastern Societies”

Dear Colleagues,
Tobunken invites all of you to a lecture by Dr. David Durand-Guedy, who joined Tobunken as visiting fellow last month (with the JSPS post-doctoral fellowship) and will stay with us for one year. This seminar kicks off a seminar series titled “The Urban/Local Elite in Pre Modern Middle Eastern Societies,” which will be co presided by Dr. Durand-Guedy and his host researcher Dr. Kazuo Morimoto.

Title: Turkish rulers and city-life in Medieval Iran: the Saljuq case

Date & Time: November 26, 2008, 18:30-20:15
Venue: 1st meeting room, 3rd floor, Tobunken (please try your best to enter the building before 18:00. Otherwise, follow the direction found on the door to get the entrance door opened from inside). Direction to Tobunken can be obtained at (please ignore what it says about renovation. It is over and Tobunken is operating in its riginal building now)

Abstract: Where did the Saljuqs live? This Turkish dynasty, who ruled over Iran in the eleventh and twelfth centuries, have been described sometimes as familiar with urban life, at other times faithful to their nomadic roots. However, the issue had never been investigated so far. Dr.Durand-Guédy, visiting fellow at the Institute of Oriental Culture (Tobunken) and member of the German research program on nomads (SFB 586) at the Universities of Halle & Leipzig, will present his current research
project on the location of rule in pre-Mongol Iran and some of its first outcome. He will deal with the nature of royal travels, the problem of the location of the court (inside or outside city walls?), as well as the type
of accommodation chosen by the Turkish rulers (palace or tent?).
Eventually, the results of this enquiry will contribute to a better understanding of the nature of the Saljuq state, its relation with the model of Iranian kingship, and also the nature of Turkish domination as a whole.

Contact person: Kazuo Morimoto (

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