東文研シンポジウム 「Ulama and Islamists: Reflections on the Boundaries Between Two Identities ウラマーとイスラーム主義者—その境界を考える」のお知らせ

Ulama (Muslim religious scholars) and Islamists have had a great impact in shaping the multifaceted politics of the Muslim world. A public symposium will be held to discuss the boundaries, conflicts and links between Ulama and Islamists with a critical focus on the fluidity of such identities.

【日 時 / Date & Time】
21 Nov, 2015 (Sat) 3:00- 6:30 pm

【場所 / Venue】
東京大学 東洋文化研究所 3階 第一会議室
Conference Room 1, 3rd Floor Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, The University of Tokyo

*This symposium is open to public. No registration is required. English will be the official language.

プログラム / Program

15:00-15:40【Paper 1】Teruaki Moriyama (Doshisha University) 森山央朗 氏 (同志社大学)
The Intellectual Practice of the Classic Ulama:
Case of the 11th Century 'Ashab al-Hadith' or Hadith Scholars
15:40-16:20【Paper 2】 Mohammed Moussa (JSPS) ムハンマド・ムーサー 氏 (日本学術振興会)
Ulama and Islamists in Contemporary Egypt:
Between Authenticity and Political Order
16:20-16:40Coffee Break
16:40-17:30【Comment 1】Takayuki Yokota (Nihon University) 横田貴之 氏 (日本大学)
【Comment 2】Sachi Sakanashi (JIME-IEEJ) 坂梨 祥 氏 (日本エネルギー経済研究所)
【Comment 3】Eiji Nagasawa (The University of Tokyo) 長沢栄治 氏 (東京大学)





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