日 時 2006年3月7日(火)9時45分〜15時30分
会 場(Faculty Lounge, AS7, #01-02, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, National University of Singapore)
名 称 Dialogue on Asia Research
報告者 シンガポール国立大学人文・社会科学部(FASS NUS)
     Faizal bin Yahya (Dep. of South Asian Studies)
     Anthony Chin (Dep. of Economics)
     Shandre T. (Dep. of Economics)
     Angelique Chan (Dep. of Sociology)
     Rachel Safman (Dep. of Sociology)
     Jennifer Jarman (Dep. of Sociology)

司会者 Alan Chan (Vice Dean, FASS NUS)

概 要 アジア研究全般に関するオムニバス形式の自由なワークショップ。

1000: Welcome

Session 1

1010-1030: Yukio Ikemoto, "Comparison of the Quality of
Life (QOL): Brunei, Japan and Singapore"
1030-1045: Shandre M. Thangavelu, "Bilateral 'WTO-Plus'
Free Trade Agreements: The WTO Trade Policy
Review of Singapore 2004"
1045-1100: Anthony Chin, "The Economics of Truth: Some
Experimental Results"
1100-1120: Discussion

Session 2

1120-1140: Makiko Sekiyama, "Human Ecological Study of
Child Growth in Asia: Growth and Its Relevant
Environmental Factors among Rural Sundanese
Children in West Java, Indonesia"
1140-1155: Rachel Safman, "Managing Epidemics Across
Borders: The Case of Avian Influenza (Bird Flu)
in Southeast Asia"
1155-1210: Dr. Faizal Bin Yahya, "Japan and India Relations:
Strategic and Economic Realignment"
1210-1230: Discussion

1230-1400: Lunch Break

Session 3

1400-1420: Hiroyoshi Kano, "Rubber Planting Enterprises in
Indonesia of the 1930s: An Economic Historical
1420-1435: Angelique Chan, "The Determinants of Poor Self-
Rated Mental Health among Older Singaporeans"
1435-1450: Jennifer Jarman, "Government Policy and the
Growth of the Business Services Industry in
1450:1510: Discussion

1510: End

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