【日時 / Date】
2017年1月26日(木) 17:00-18:00
January 26 (Thu), 5:00-6:00 p.m.

【会場 / Venue】
東京大学 東洋文化研究所 1階 ロビー
Ground Floor, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, The University of Tokyo

【報告者 / Speaker】
Kozue Uehara (Postdoctoral Fellow, CAPS, Seikei University)

【題名 / Title】
Rewriting History of Social Movement through Personal History:Formation of Postwar Okinawan Social Movement and Structural Changes of the Trans-Pacific Region

【コメンテーター / Commentator】
Manuel Yang (Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Sciences, Waseda University)

【要旨 / Abstract】

In this presentation, I would like to speak on the method involved in retracing historical events and transnational mobility which have influenced personal history from the perspective of global history and in depicting the collective portrait of the people who have lived through the wartime/postwar period and the structural changes in state, capital, war that they have experienced. The presenter has undertaken oral interviews and collected primary sources on the 1970s-80s construction of oil reserve tank in Kin Bay on the eastern coast of Okinawan Island and on the Kin Bay struggle that resisted the accompanying landfill of the sea. By describing the passages of individuals who have lived with the memory and meaning of the events they themselves experienced, we can discover the passages of anti-development and anti-military social movements as well as the connective links between the history of Okinawan social movement and global history from below.

※報告は日本語で行われます。Seminar will be held in Japanese.

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