Access to Justice in Iran: Women, Perceptions and Reality (Cambridge University Press, 2014) の著者であり、オックスフォード大学フェローであるサハル・マランルーさんは、現在、女性の司法アクセス、法と社会、ジェンダー、イランの法制度、エンパワーメントなど幅広い研究をされており、今回はイランの法制度における女性の地位や身分法についてお話していただきます。

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17:00〜17:10 研究会の趣旨説明および報告者紹介
17:10〜18:10 講演 Islamic Family Law in Contemporary Iran
18:10〜18:30 休憩
18:30〜18:50 質疑応答

サハル・マランルー氏 Dr. Sahar Maranlou(Oxford University)
Dr. Sahar Maranlou is the author of Access to Justice in Iran: Women, Perceptions and Reality (Cambridge University Press, 2014). She has written extensively on topics such justice, law and society, gender, Iranian legal system, empowerment and has taught at the University Warwick and the University of Brunel in the UK.

Islamic Family Law in Contemporary Iran
The objective of this presentation is to explain women’s personal status law (marriage, divorce, custody and guardianship) within the Iranian legal system. The discussion around gender and Iranian family law is a multifaceted subject because the legal system itself is pluralistic and multi-layered. The Iranian legal system is rooted in both secular and religious sources yet Islamic Law (shari’a) has been recognized as the main source of law in Iran’s constitution. Women in Iran have struggled to achieve more equal legal status and accordingly family law has undergone several developments and changes. The combination of different socio-legal dynamics such as increased women’s education and employment; and the efforts made by various women’s groups, have paved the way for some reforms in family law.




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