東文研セミナー「蜂起の空間的実践―「アラブの春」の抗議行動にみる広場と国家の関係性/Spatial Practices of Revolt:Square-state relations during the Arab Spring protests」のご案内


【日時 / Date】
3月6日(木) 15:00-17:00 March 6 (Thu), 3:00-5:00

【会場 / Venue】
東京大学 東洋文化研究所 三階大会議室
Main conference room, 3rd Floor, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, The University of Tokyo

【報告者 / Speaker】
ギハーン・セリーム氏 Dr. Gehan Selim
Lecturer in Architecture Queens University Belfast, UK

【題名 / Title】
Spatial Practices of Revolt:Square-state relations during the Arab Spring protests

【要旨 / Abstract】


Mass protests during the Arab Spring in the Middle East have revealed layers of complex process of private/public patterns in massive urban revolt which are yet to be empirically and systematically investigated.This research investigates the quick pace by which the public space was reshaped and reproduced to assist its role as a space for resistance and revolt from the traditional state-driven system of power and control.

By mapping patterns of interaction, social behavior and use of space with the physical characteristics and spatial order of Tahrir Square and its surrounding buildings during the Egyptian revolution, it is argued that socio-spatial practices that were at work in the Square, were already embedded in the memory and cognition of the individuals that could be recalled in different places and situations to inform actions.

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【主 催】
東文研・班研究 「中東の社会変容と思想運動」

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