第43回 東文研・GJS共催セミナー「移動する理論としての地政学:日本における地政的想像の発展 1925~1945年」のお知らせ


会場:東京大学東洋文化研究所 第一会議室(3階)



Classical geopolitics is the theory that was originally developed in the late nineteenth century Europe and disseminated some parts of the world including wartime Japan. Japanese geopolitics has been an abandoned field of study due to its anathematic past, despite its significance in wartime intellectual life. Meanwhile, Europe’s role in disseminating knowledge globally to shape the world according to its standards is an unchallenged premise in world politics. Its utmost example is the concept of the state, by which the world is assumed to be divided into bounded territories. The present study challenges this ground by taking interdisciplinary approaches in which contributions of academic literature in the West and studies of intellectual history in Japan are carefully bridged. It shows how political theory as text travels inter-regionally by interrogating the way how Japan imported classical geopolitics as the theory of the modern state however to explain regional developments in the second quarter of the twentieth century. It demonstrates that the same theory can invoke diverged imaginations. It is, therefore, a study that focuses on the transformation of power, knowledge and subjectivity in time and space.





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