【第80回】東文研・ASNET共催セミナー「語り出す絵画―14世紀の日本の絵巻にみる玄奘三蔵の物語をめぐって/Talking Pictures: "The Life of Xuanzang" in a Medieval Japanese Narrative Handscroll」のご案内


【日 時】 10月31日(木) 17:00-18:00

【会 場】 東京大学 東洋文化研究所 1階 ロビー

【報告者】 レイチェル・サンダース氏(東文研 訪問研究員)

【題 名】 語り出す絵画―14世紀の日本の絵巻にみる玄奘三蔵の物語をめぐって/


【Date】 Oct 31 (Thu), 2013, 17:00-18:00

【Venue】 Ground floor, Tobunken

【Speaker】Rachel Saunders (Visiting Fellow)

【Title】 Talking Pictures: "The Life of Xuanzang" in a Medieval Japanese Narrative Handscroll

Paintings can be powerful in many ways. In some transcendent beauty, extreme size, exquisite workmanship, or supreme originality may induce awe in viewers. Others have reputations that precede them and do not even need to be viewed to be effective.
The fourteenth-century illustrated handscrolls known as Genjō Sanzō-e (Illustrated Life of Xuanzang), kept closeted within the great temple of Kōfukuji for much of their history, had such a reputation as early as the fifteenth century. However, their power was not confined to their cultural or political currency. This set of twelve scrolls of inscribed texts and paintings depicting the historical sixteen-year journey of the Chinese monk Xuanzang (c.602–664) to India to retrieve Buddhist scriptures for translation into Chinese, is a landmark work of sophistication and painterly refinement.
This presentation will focus on the orchestration of word-image interaction in these handscrolls keeping in mind both the overall narrative cohesion internal to the scrolls, and the ‘external’ narrative of the life and afterlives of the scrolls as significant objects in the religio-political landscape in which they were commissioned and preserved.

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