第152回 東文研・ASNET共催セミナー 「地域コミュニティの共同的活動にみる自力復興の試み:2015年ネパール地震に対するバクタプル市Kコミュニティの対応」 のお知らせ

 2016年10月27日(木) 17:00-18:00

 東京大学 東洋文化研究所 1階 ロビー





 Ocotober 27 (Thu), 5:00-6:00 p.m.

 Ground Floor, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, The University of Tokyo

 Shakya Lata (JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow, The University of Tokyo)

 Attempt of self-recovery observed in collaborative activities of local community:Response of “K-community”, Bhaktapur city after the 2015 Nepal earthquake

2015 Nepal earthquake severely damaged many districts including historic cities, namely Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur of the Kathmandu Valley. Immediately after the earthquake, although there was confusion and lack of government support, many local communities involved in collaborative activities on their own. The continuous contribution of local community so called “K –community” in Bhaktapur city, towards the recovery and reconstruction of their locality will be highlighted. The social relationship within the community which can be considered as one of the key factors that led to the self-recovery will also be discussed.will be discussed.

※Seminar will be held in Japanese.

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