東文研セミナー「Roundtable “Interpreting Interview Results of Second Generation of China Migrants in Sydney and Tokyo”」のお知らせ

Time: November 22 (Fri.), 2019, 15:00-17:30

Venue: First Conference Room (3rd Floor), Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia,University of Tokyo

Presenters: CHEN Minglu (University of Sydney), SONODA Shigeto (University of Tokyo)

Language: English (partially Chinese and Japanese)

China’s rise has been discussed in various ways, but it is quite rare for researchers to do research on how Chinese migrants (and their descendants) perceive the rise of China in their cognitive geopolitics. How are they looking at China’s politics as well as her presence in international relations? Are they optimistic toward China’s future politics or economies? These questions were rarely asked in preexisting literature on China.

Looking back the history of 20th century, overseas Chinese played an important role in Xinhai Revolution, but it is still unknown whether current descendants of Chinese migrants will or will not support China in the future.

In this roundtable, Chen Minglu and Sonoda Shigeto, who conducted interview of students of University of Sydney and University of Tokyo who are the second generation of Chinese migrants respectively, will make a report on their research and its main findings. The biggest mission of this roundtable is to share the information and exchange ideas of how to interpret the results.


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