Asian Societies through the AsiaBarometer

Venue: Conference Room 3rd floor, Institute of Oriental Culture, University of Tokyo

Date & Time: September 22, 1330-1610pm

(1) Opening Remarks 1330-1340
Akihiko Tanaka University of Tokyo

(2) Social Capital in Ten Asian Societies 1340-1400
Takashi Inoguchi University of Tokyo

(3) Happiness and Religiosity in Asia 1400-1420
Wolfgang Jagodzinski University of Cologne

(4) How to Gauge People's Minds 1420-1440
Kazufumi Manabe Kwansei Gakuin University

(5) Prospect for the AsiaBarometer 1440-1500
Takashi Inoguchi University of Tokyo

(6) Open Discussions led by      1500-1600
  Junko Kato University of Tokyo

(7) Concluding Remarks 1600-1610
Eiji Nagasawa University of Tokyo

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