東文研セミナー 「インド碑文の歴史的辞典」(Historical Dictionary of Indian Inscriptions)のお知らせ

このたび、インドより著名古代史研究者であるK. M. Shrimali教授をお招きして、2度にわたる講演をしていただくこととなりました。第1回は同教授が編者として進めて来られた「インド/南アジア碑文における社会・経済・行政用語辞典」プロジェクトの現状および展望についてお話しいただき、それに基づいて南アジア碑文研究の課題を議論したいと思います。奮ってご参加ください。



講師:Krishna Mohan Shrimali (Retired Professor, the University of Delhi)


要旨:"Historical Dictionary of Indian Inscriptions" would be a presentation of the project of the Indian Council of Historical Research (ICHR) entitled "Dictionary of Social, Economic and Administrative Terms Indian Inscriptions". The Dictionary was planned in 1989 and launched on January 01, 1990. After four years' work of some data collection, it was stopped in January 1994 and remained suspended for more than twelve years till its resumption in late 2006. The Dictionary is based on historical principles and is largely modelled on the Oxford English Dictionary. It aims to marshall data from inscriptions up to c.1800 CE except those in post-1500 CE European languages. Three units of the Project comprise of inscriptions in (a) Dravidian languages, (b) Sanskrit, Prakrit and other non-Dravidian languages, viz., proto-modern Indian languages, and (c) Arabic and Persian. The first volume of (a) has already been published. My own focus would be on (b) and shall be detailing the processes of data collection, their computerization and historical implications.

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