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東京大学・東洋文化研究所 大会議室
黒田明伸 東京大学・東洋文化研究所
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WORKSHOPS De-Teleologising History of Money and Its Theory (II)

15 and 16 February 2012.
Main Meeting Room, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, University of Tokyo

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Day One:
Money as Social Circuit: anonymous currency and named credit (Toyota Foundation Research Project, D10-R-0091)

Kuroda Akinobu , U Tokyo, Unfixed Money: Revisiting Global Monetary History from Mezzoscopic Viewpoint
Comments by Farley Grubb, U Delaware
Chaired by Cha Myung Soo, Yeungnam

Laurence Fontaine , CNRS, CMH-ENS-EHESS, Money as Social Circuit: The Circulation of Objects and Credit in Early Modern Europe
Leigh Gardner , London School of Economics, Money and Credit in Medieval Europe and Colonial Africa: A Comparative Study
Comments by Bruno Théret, CNRS, Paris IX
Chaired by Patrice Baubeau, CNRS, Paris X

Karin Pallaver , British Museum, Coping with multiple currencies: cowries, beads and rupees in early colonial Uganda
Catherine Eagleton , British Museum, The thaler and the rupee: silver currencies, merchant communities, and European influence in Zanzibar, 1850-1880
Comments by Georgina Gomez, Erasmus University
Chaired Jan Lucassen, International Institute of Social History

Jan Luccassen , International Institute of Social History, Wages and the production and circulation of currencies, India 1500-1900. Some preliminary remarks
Shimada Ryuto , Seinan Gakuin U, Porcelain token in Thailand: The Chinese society and the Thai global and local conditions in the long nineteenth century
Comments by Catherine Eagleton, British Museum and Ikemoto Yukio, U Tokyo
Chaired by Karin Pallaver, British Museum

Bruno Théret , CNRS, Paris IX, "The "bocade", the currency of the Tucuman province in Argentina between 1985 and 2003: a case of monetary complementarity caused by locality"
Georgina Gomez , Erasmus University, Why did a product have different prices in the complementary monetary circuits in Argentina? (1996-2006)
Comments by Oh Doo Hwan, Inha
Chaired by Laurence Fontaine, CNRS, CMH-ENS-EHESS

Day Two:
The complementarity among monies caused by temporality, seasonality, and locality in making transactions (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Research Project 22330102)

Kuroda Akinobu , U Tokyo, Paper Money Standard in 1935 China: Unification on the Top and Disunification on the Ground
Kato Keiichiro , Ryutsu Kagaku U, Issuance of Private Note in Late Tokugawa Japan: the Case of the Itami Brewery Guild
Oh Doo Hwan , Inha U, Circulation of specific credit called 'Oe-Hoek' and 'Eo-Eum' and their development in the latest Choson dynasty (Toyota Project)
Comments by Michael Schiltz, U Tokyo
Chaired by Sugihara Kaoru, Kyoto U

1110-1230‘Monetary Map in the Eastern Mediterranean in the Middle Ages’
Hiroshi Kato , Hitotsubashi U, and Michiya Nishimura, Hitotsubashi U, Monetary History in the Eastern Mediterranean in the Middle Ages, judging from imitated coins
Nishimura Michiya , Use of Money in the Byzantine Empire: Some Cases of the Transactions
Kato Hiroshi , Reconsidering al-Maqrizi's view on Money in the Medieval Egypt
Comments by Georges Depeyrot, CNRS, ENS
Chaired by Claudia Jefferies, City U London

Farley Grubb , U Delaware, Is Paper Money Just Paper Money? Local Variation Across the Paper Monies Issued by North American Colonies and Why These Differences Mattered: 1690-1775
Christopher Hanes , SUNY Binghamton, Harvests and Financial Crises in Gold-Standard America
Comments by Patrice Baubeau, CNRS, Paris X
Chaired by Leigh Gardener, London School of Economics

Georges Depeyrot , CNRS, ENS, Seasonality of currency circulation, some examples from Antiquity to modern periods
Claudia Jefferies , City U London, Seasons, transport and the circulation of copper coins in Early Modern Castile
Patrice Baubeau, , CNRS, Paris X, French banknotes circulation: structural breaks and evolving seasonal patterns as a window on French history
Comments by Christopher Hanes, SUNY Binghamton
Chaired by Farley Grubb, U Delaware

General Comments Cha Myung Soo, Yeungnam
Sugihara Kaoru, Kyoto U Chaired by Georges Depeyrot, CNRS, ENS

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