【GAS Lecture #5】 「Toward the Global Comparison of Revolutions」 のお知らせ

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タイトル:Toward the Global Comparison of Revolutions

講演者:三谷 博(東京大学 名誉教授、公益財団法人東洋文庫 研究部 研究員)


要旨:This lecture will provide a summary of our comparative studies on revolutions. Our research began with an analysis of the Meiji Revolution. Contrary to common belief, this revolution was among the most radical, as it dismantled the hereditary status system through the restoration of a monarch. The death toll was quite a few, about 32,000, compared to other revolutions such as the French Revolution with domestic casualties of 645,000. This fact leads us to reconsider the concept of revolution that was disseminated from the Bolshevik revolution to the world during the 20th century. It enables us to recognize the existence of other revolutions that established republics with monarchies. Second, we will examine the intensity of violence during the revolutions. It is hard to obtain the data that enables us to perform a valid comparative analysis. Yet, I believe it is possible by a cautious approach. The data illuminates the fact that the intensity of violence varied from revolution to revolution and from time to time in the course of a revolution. I hope this attempt contributes to the conception of less violent reforms in the future.






2023年12月18日GAS Lecture Series #5


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