“Visit Monetary History of A Quarter of Human Beings and Revisit What Monies Actually Are”


21-22 May 2007
Room 201-202 at the Sanjo Hall, University of Tokyo
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Day One, 21st May, 930-1800
Chinese Monetary History Revisited: From Multiple and Complementary Viewpoints

Kuroda, Akinobu (U of Tokyo, Japan)
 Emancipate Chinese monetary history from Aristotle postulates: from multiple and complementary viewpoints
Richard von Glahn (UCLA, USA)
 A Reassessment of the Role of Silver in the Multiple Currency System of the Song Dynasty
Hans Ulrich Vogel (Tübingen U, Germany)
 Salt Money in Yunnan: Marco Polo went to China
Madeleine Zelin (Columbia U, USA) and David Weiman (Barnard C. Columbia U)
 Monetary Units in Local Transactions in Sichuan Province: A Preliminary Analysis.

Ho Hon-wai (Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
 Modern Chinese history
Kishimoto, Mio (U of Tokyo)
 Chinese price history
Georges Depeyrot (CNRS, France)
 Archaeology and numismatics of the Roman Empire

Day Two, 22nd May, 930-1700
Revisiting Money as A Unit of Account, Fiat Money and Subsidiary Currency; Make Particulars Theory Properly

Kuroda, Akinobu,
 Asymmetric, complementary, and discrete nature among monies in history: revisiting money as a unit of account
Bruno Théret, (CNRS)
 The three states of money or money as a cultural capital
Anders Ögren (SSE, Sweden and U Paris X, France)
 Fiat Monetary Systems in Practice and Theory in Eighteenth Century Sweden
Patrice Baubeau (U Paris X)
 A political economy of fiduciary media: Over 150 years of French banknotes emission

David Weiman
 Towards a More Perfect U.S. Payments Union: The Civil War as a Second Revolution
Torbjörn Engdahl (Uppsala U, Sweden)
 Leakage and the fluctuating value of small coins in colonial East Africa 1890-1910
Luca Fantacci, (Bocconi U, Italy)
 How Bretton Woods (failed to) set an international unit of account
Eric Helleiner (U Waterloo, Canada)
 Transforming Latin America's Monetary Systems in the Bretton Woods Age: The Keynesian Impulse of Postwar US Money Doctors

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