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4月24日(月)9:15−1800 東京大学山上会館001号室にて

Complementarity among monies and revision of Asian monetary history

Chaired by Torbjorn Engdahl (Uppsala U, Sweden)

915 Welcome (Kuroda, Akinobu)


Kuroda, Akinobu (U of Tokyo, Japan) Co-Organiser

“Complementarity Non-Integrable among Monies in History: Nature of Currency
as Viscous, Non-Uniform, and Separable Stream”

Willem Wolters (U of Nijmegen, The Netherlands)

“Multiple Currencies in Southeast Asia: The Overlap between Markets and
Spheres of Payment”

Om Prakash (U of Delhi, India)

“Co-existence of Standardized and Humble Money: the Case of Mughal India”


Oh, Doo Hwan (Inha U, South Korea)

“Complementarity; Fiduciary Small Money with Deficiency of Silver Standard
Money in Korea”

Hans Ulrich Vogel (U of Tubingen Germany)

“The Complementary Relationship between Copper Cash and Silver Tael: The
Beijing Mints in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries”


Richard von Glahn (UCLA, USA)

“Foreign Silver Coins in the Market Culture of 19th Century China”

Maria Alejandra Irigoin (C of New Jersey, USA)

"A Trojan Horse in 19th China? The Global Consequences of the Breakdown of
the Spanish Silver Peso Standard"

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