日時: 3月16日(土) 14:00 - 15:00

会場: 東京大学東洋文化研究所 3階 第一会議室

題目: Poet-monk Daoqian and his Matched Rhyme Poetry(北宋の詩僧、道潛とその「次韻詩」)

発表者:Jason Protass (Ph.D. Candidate in Buddhist Studies at Stanford University, and a Visiting Researcher at Ryukoku University)


担当: 馬場 紀寿

The monk Daoqian is remembered above all for his poetry written in harmony with Su Dongpo. My presentation focuses on the importance of these so-called “matched rhyme poems” for the poet-monk Daoqian. First, I present Daoqian as a monk and a poet through the letters and poems sent to him by his friends. This work reveals problems with social poems as a source for study Buddhism. Next, I summarize my research of the history of matched rhyme poetry and its influence on Buddhist monks. Finally, returning to Daoqian and his matched rhyme poems written together with Su Dongpo and other literati, I close with a close-reading and analysis of one pair of matched rhyme poems. In all, this presentation is intended to augment current notions of Buddhist poetry.

登録者 :馬場・藤岡
掲載期間:20130305 - 20130316
当日期間:20130316 - 20130316