東文研セミナー「熊本の藩校 時習館における釋奠の問題」(ジェームズ・マクマレン氏)のご案内



【会場】:東京大学東洋文化研究所 3階 大会議室

【報告者】:ジェームズ・マクマレン(James McMullen)
/ FBA (Fellow of the British Academy - 英国学士院会員)

【演題】:「熊本の藩校 時習館における釋奠の問題」
【英語演題】:The worship of Confucius at the Jishûkan in Kumamoto Domain

【司会】:竹村 英二 ・ 国士舘大学 教授

The Jishûkan domain school  founded in the mid-eighteenth century was widely regarded as a model of its kind. Yet the question of whether, as in the majority of such schools, the sekiten or sekisai ceremony was performed there has still not been definitively settled. This seminar looks at the documentary evidence for the ceremony in the Kumamoto domain, both negative and positive. It concludes, tentatively, that a ceremony may have been performed from the Kansei period. It ends with an attempt to assess what this may mean for historical understanding of the cult of Confucius in the first two centuries of the Tokugawa period.


-18世紀日本の文献学的・書誌学的学問方法の比較研究 -」(竹村) 

- 近代的学問の「基体」としての漢学の学問方法」(代表:竹村)



登録者 :竹村、真鍋、秋山
掲載期間:20140602 - 20140626
当日期間:20140626 - 20140626