第55回東文研・ASNET共催セミナー"The Cambodian System of Capitalism (カンボジアの資本主義システム)"のご案内


The 55th Tobunken-ASNET seminar will be held as follows.
This seminar is open to public without entry.

会場/Venue:東京大学東洋文化研究所1階 ロビー
Lobby, 1st Floor, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, University of Tokyo
報告者/Presenter:Dr. Andrew Cock(Research Fellow,Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia/東洋文化研究所訪問研究員)
タイトル/Title:"The Cambodian System of Capitalism(カンボジアの資本主義システム)"

Recent high profile killings and arrests in the context of logging, plantations and urban building schemes point to a vicious side to Cambodia’s contemporary economic development. While many scholars have offered "governance" centred explanations for the pathological aspects of Cambodia's political economy, this paper attempts to develop a new approach. To do so, I will seek to outline key elements of the distinctive Cambodian system of capitalism. This capitalist system is profoundly reshaping urban and rural landscapes and has forced an often reluctant rural population to rely upon market forces to sustain their livelihoods.
The paper begins with an overview of the metamorphosis of logging concessions into a plantation complex. It then considers two specific facets of the system: its mechanism of propulsion, and how it is steered. Using the political insights embedded in Ricardo’s theory of differential rent, I seek to show where the system is being channeled by its key architects – Cambodia’s ruling elite.

お問合せ先/Contact to:日本・アジアに関する教育研究ネットワーク(ASNET)
Network for Education and Research on Asia
電話/tel :03-5841-5868
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