1. セミナー・シンポジウム等題目:「アジア社会学コンソーシアム」第1回報告会
  2. 日時:2009年7月14日(火) 午後2時〜4時
  3. 開催場所:東京大学東洋文化研究所3階第一会議室
  4. 報告者氏名:中嶋聖雄
    報告題目:Film Clubs in Contemporary Urban China: Ethnography of Audiences and Consumption of Chinese Independent Films
  5. 内容
  6. Concomitant with the rise of the so-called “urban generation” of independent Chinese film directors in the 1990s, academic studies on this group of filmmakers and their works have emerged. However, most of existing research focuses on analysis of film texts, while detailed discussions of the social context of production, distribution, and exhibition of these films have yet to be developed. In this talk, I attempt to fill this gap by foregrounding one concrete aspect of film consumption—that is, the audiences of film clubs that emerged in the last decade in urban China. The talk is based on 18 months of ethnographic participant observation of film clubs in Beijing from February 2003 to August 2004. I have also conducted follow-up observations and interviews in the summers of 2005 and 2009. Given the fact that most Chinese independent films either are not officially distributed domestically or are given very limited distribution, the film clubs provide an important social space where exhibition and consumption of those films take place. The study of film clubs gives us a lens through which we can observe how Chinese audiences actually watch independent films, and in what kind of social settings. Thus, the first task of this talk is to clearly describe the characteristics of film clubs in Beijing and introduce this little-known phenomenon of an alternative film culture in contemporary urban China. Theoretically, I tackle one perennial question in the sociological study of film and media. That is: How can we adequately combine an analysis of the social context of production, distribution, and exhibition, with the study of film texts? I will address this question by examining the patterns of film consumption in Beijing film clubs including the social organization and interaction of the audiences, cultural geography of their locations within the cityscape of rapidly transforming contemporary Beijing, as well as different types of independent films shown in a variety of film clubs. I conclude the talk by reflecting on possible future directions in sociological studies of audiences and consumption of film and media.
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