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Piṃgalātreya sūtra of the Dīrghāgama of the (Mūla)sarvāstivādins.
How much beyond its context can a study of a sūtra reveal?

Lita Peipina

The lecture is a presentation of a sūtra from the Ślaskandha section which previously was known only by its name in manuscript fragments of Central Asia. Neither translations of its contents nor a complete textual parallel to it elsewhere in Buddhist literature has been
preserved, if it ever has existed. Nevertheless, findings of partial textual fragments within Buddhist literature, as well as a thorough analysis of the sūtra and studies of related scholarly research have revealed several perspectives on the context of the sūtra, and even new
assumptions regarding the school affiliation of this Dīrghāgama collection and similar textual material.

Of what use are Khotanese texts to Buddhist philology?*

Giuliana Martini
(Department of Asian Studies, University of Naples)

I will discuss what the study of Buddhist works in
Khotanese can contribute to Buddhist philology, with a particular focus on early tetxs. On one hand, the evidence represented by Khotanese translations of Indian Mahāyāna scriptures needs to be taken into account from the local perspective of the religious history of the Buddhist communities of Khotan, from the areal perspective of Southern Silk Road Buddhism, and whenever the reconstruction and interpretation of comprehensive textual lineages is undertaken. A examples will be pointed out in the course of the presentation. On the other hand,
Khotanese so-called 'original' compositions may have something to tell us in terms of the ways and modes of transmission of Buddhist scriptures and textuality in general, in that they possibly mark the very inception
of a written religious literature in the local language of the Central-Asian Kingdom, which in fact displays striking aural-cum-written characteristics. Selected sections of the Book of Zambasta will be discussed as a case in point.


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