今まで6回にわたる合同サマースプリングプログラムを運営し、数々の協働を積み重ねてきた両大学ならではの活動で、来年も、できれば対面で合同ワークショップを実施しようということになりました。(文責 園田 茂人)


オンラインでの記念写真 2022年2月19日


Welcoming Address 10:00-10:10
Profs. SONODA Shigeto and SU Kuo-Hsien

Session 1: Analyzing Sexual Majority and Minority 10:10-11:40
Chair: Prof. SONODA Shigeto (Professor, UTokyo)
CHEN Ting-Ya (B3, NTU) “School context, academic performance and adolescent romantic relationships”
MITANI Maki (B3, UTokyo) “How a Transwoman got and overcame a Mental Disability?”
CHENG Yu-Lien (M2, NTU) “Limited Queer Life: The Experience of Precarious Gay Men in Taiwan”

Session 2: Migration and Family in Japan and Taiwan 11:40-12:45
Chair: Prof. SU Kuo-Hsien (Professor, NTU)
CHEN Yuwei (M2, UTokyo) “Chinese Caring for Children in Japan: Intergenerational Temporarity, Power Distribution, and Gender Dynamics”
KUAN Ching & CHAO Jen-Chen (B4 and M2, NTU) “Infant Weight Among the Children of Immigrants and Non-immigrants in Taiwan: Evidence from the ‘Context of Marriage Migration’”

Session 3: Assessing Difficulties of Social Movement 13:30-15:00
Chair: Prof. SONODA Shigeto (Professor, UTokyo)
TU Chun-Ching (M1, NTU) “A Comparative Study of the Two Waves of Countermovement on Education Reform in Taiwan”
LI Takami (M1, UTokyo) “How do Vegetarians relativize Carnism in Japan?”
CHEN Wei An (B3, NTU) “Politicalizing International Education Experience: Transformation of Taiwanese Students in Hong Kong after 2019 Pro-democracy Movement”

Session 4: Intergenerational Aspects to Changing Societies 15:00-16:05
Chair: Prof. SU Kuo-Hsien (Professor, NTU)
LIN Po-Chien (M2, NTU) “Preschool Attendance and Early Skill Development in Taiwan”
KIM Taeun (D3, UTokyo) “Gender Gap in Division of Domestic Labor among Elderly Couples: A Comparison of South Korea and Japan”

Concluding Session 16:05-16:30
Chairs: Profs. SONODA Shigeto and SU Kuo-Hsien

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