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日時:2023年4月3日(月) 15:30〜17:00


講師:Koh Choon Hwee (UCLA)

題目:The Ottoman Postal System: An Infrastructural History


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Like its Roman and Mongol predecessors, the horse-run Ottoman postal system was a sprawling infrastructure essential for everyday imperial affairs. Unlike them, however, it left behind a sea of paper documentation that tracked its mundane operations and traced its strategic reforms. Based on this uniquely rich archive, this book project follows eight small-scale actors across its chapters—The Courier, The Decree, The Bookkeeper, The Postmaster, The Villager, The Tatar, The Credit Voucher, and The Horse. It offers a history of the Ottoman Empire as a single, meaningful unit, in stark contrast to the fragmented landscape today of its more than thirty-five successor nation-states. This is a story about the lands from Belgrade to Baghdad, Crimea to Cairo, circa 1600 to 1900––a vast area once home to a united infrastructure that brought together diverse imperial subjects to serve a now forgotten Ottoman social order.

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