講師: Albert Welter (University of Winnipeg/ University of Arizona)

日時: 2013年6月29日(土) 14:00-15:30

場所: 東京大学東洋文化研究所第一会議室

言語: 日本語

連絡先・担当: 馬場紀寿(noarihisa[a]



Buddhist Faith in the Face of Death: The Lotus Sūtra in the Life of a Chan Master
The Lotus Sūtra was arguably the major influence in the life and thought of Yongming Yanshou (904-975). This paper examines Yanshou’s Lotus Sūtra based Buddhist faith, beginning with the recounting of a death defying incident that allegedly occurred at a crucial juncture in his life (he was sentenced to death for absconding funds to express Lotus Sutra based Buddhist altruism), leading to a committed devotion to the Lotus Sūtra throughout his life, and ending with a discussion of the seemingly antithetical role that the Lotus Sūtra played in Yanshou’s career as a Chan master (chanshi 禪師). The paper concludes with reflections on the possibility of an alternate Chan/Zen tradition, Tiantai Chan/Tendai Zen, and the central role of the Lotus Sūtra in it, and the potentially disruptive role of Buddhist altruism when applied to the social and political sphere.

Keywords: Lotus Sūtra, Yongming Yanshou, Chan/Zen, Tiantai/Tendai Chan/Zen, Buddhist altruism

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